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Alginic Acid Excipient | Uses, Suppliers, and Specifications

Alginic Acid is a linear glycuronan polymer consisting of a mixture of β-(1→4)-D-mannosyluronic acid and α-(1→4)-L-gulosyluronic acid residues, of general formula (C6H8O)n. The molecular weight is typically 20000-240 000. Alginic acid is supplied as a white to yellowish-white, fibrous powder. It is tasteless and odourless.

Pharmacopoeial Compliance: USP-NF; Ph.Eur; B.P; J.P; I.P

Synonyms and Trade Names: Alginic Acid, E400; Kelacid; ι-gulo-D-Mannoglycuronan, Polymannuronic Acid; Protacid; Satialgine H8

Uses and Applications: Stabilising Agent; Suspending Agent; Sustained-Release Agent; Tablet Binder; Taste-Masking Agent; Viscosity-Modifying Agent; and Tablet Disintegrant


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