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Professional Development Courses for Pharma Industry Researchers and Managers — via Online Courses and Workshops

Broaden Your Mind with Courses

We offer expertly designed online courses that provide unrivalled educational resources for scientists, project managers and every one else with an interest in the pharmaceutical industry.

All courses are designed to address key formulation challenges, regulatory developments or critical skill development. Each course combines the latest academic theory with practical application, and a focus on a specific area of relevance.

You will learn from research-active academics, scientists and your peers, drawing on your own experience to build skills in product development, quality management and regulatory affairs.

Pharmaceutical and Medical 3D Printing (Formulation & Manufacturing) Masterclass

In this course, we aim to impart to you the understanding and competence to use 3D Printing in pharmaceutical and medical applications. You will be taught by experts who are at the forefront of 3D Printing technology development today.

Advanced Drug Delivery and Development (Advanced Therapy Products) Masterclass

This unique course is designed for graduates and pharmaceutical industry professionals looking to acquire knowledge, understanding and competences in advanced drug formulation techniques. You will be taught by experts at the forefront of the field who also work at leading pharmaceutical companies.

Innovation and Creativity Skills for Scientists and Engineers Masterclass

Created by experts and scholars of innovation, this course is for individuals working or considering careers in NPD, irrespective of industry. It aims to equip participants with tools to successfully create and manage innovation, from ideation to commercialisation.

The Art and Science of Pharmaceutical Product Flavouring (Principles & Practice) Masterclass

The course covers conception, characterisation, selection, regulations, chemistry, quality assurance and safety aspects of pharmaceutical flavours currently available. You will be introduced to flavour technologies and their implications as far as processing and product stability are concerned.

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