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The Art and Science of Pharmaceutical Product Flavouring (Principles & Practice) Masterclass

Innovation and Creativity Skills for Scientists and Engineers Masterclass


4 Weeks (2-4 hours/week)


About this course

Many active pharmaceutical ingredients have aversive taste attributes and are unpleasant to taste. Thus, availing palatable, well-flavoured products is not an afterthought – it is the responsible thing to do. However, while vital, flavour is highly complex and developing flavouring drug products challenging. This course is for individuals working or considering a career in the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical sectors where competencies in flavouring science and practice are essential.

Developed by an expert team of pharmaceutical formulation scientists and flavourists, this course provides a fundamental and applied understanding of pharmaceutical flavouring to allow you to correctly select, qualify and deploy available flavouring solutions in pharmaceutical products.

The course covers conception, characterisation, selection, regulations, chemistry, quality assurance and safety aspects of pharmaceutical flavours currently available. You will be introduced to flavour technologies and their implications as far as processing and product stability are concerned.

Key Learning Outcomes

  • Become conversant with the fundamental scientific principles (anatomy, physiology and chemistry) underpinning flavour perception
  • Master the language of flavours and flavourists, including flavour descriptors, tonalities, technologies and classes
  • Improve their knowledge of flavour products and characteristics and how they influence flavour delivery and perception
  • Learn to efficiently select products through a structured process
  • Have the understanding of the different sensory profiling and evaluation techniques applicable to flavours and their relevance to pharmaceutical formulations
  • Recognize and expertly deploy relevant tools and methods to verify flavour acceptance
  • Gain a thorough understanding of current flavour safety regulations and registration procedures in Europe, United States and Asia Pacific.
  • Become appraised about the strengths and weaknesses of the major flavour manufacturers and suppliers

Engineering professionals and scientists working in R&D, new product development, innovation management, marketing, change management or talent management. Typical sectors include: Pharmaceuticals and other healthcare fields, Automotive, Aerospace, Personal care, Food industry and Biotechnology

Individuals who work in government departments as well as the third sector where innovation is a key component of their mission will also find this course relevant.

Course Organising and Delivery Team

Course Manager

Enosh Mwesigwa PhD MBA

Enosh is currently a Technical Manager at a leading pharma raw materials distributor based in the UK. In this role he supports various strategic and operational goals aimed at developing, market launch, and continual improvement of a company’s products, services or technologies. Prior to that, he worked at Colorcon, University College London and several CROs in the UK. Enosh holds a PhD in drug development from University College London and an MBA from University of Warwick. He is the author of several journal publications, book chapters and has presented at numerous international conferences on various topics related to new drug development and excipients.

Technical Consultants

John Baughman, Senior Director and Principal Flavourist, ADM

 Jennifer Thompson, Master Flavourist, Sensient Flavours

 Course Tutors

The teaching team is broadly drawn and includes experts from the pharmaceutical industry as well as senior flavourists conversant with pharmaceutical requirements. These typically work or have worked with leading flavour houses, such as ADM, Firmenich, AAK, Quest Flavours, Givaudan, IFF,  Prinova, as well as independent consultancies

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