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Innovation and Creativity Skills for Scientists and Engineers Masterclass

4 Weeks (2-4 hours/week)



About this course

Talent. Invention. Resourceful. Creativity. And, of course, Innovativeness. These are highly evocative words and are associated with the highest levels of human performance. Indeed, those individuals and companies that invest in acquiring these capabilities put themselves in the best position to create competitive advantage, grow and impact the direction of their fields.

Innovation does not just happen, however. Individuals and teams need to acquire specific tools, apply specific rules in their work, and be disciplined enough to make it happen. Individuals to have to develop personal capabilities, processes and resources that permit ideas to be developed into new innovations in a systematic and organised fashion.

This unique course has been developed by an expert team of innovation scholars, engineers and scientists and is for individuals working in or considering careers in new product development, irrespective of industry. It aims to equip participants with tools and metrics required to create and manage every facet of innovation, from ideation, through to prototyping, and all the way to commercialisation. It focuses on the link between personal, team and organisational creativity and innovation, innovation and team structure, and the role of collaboration in successful innovation.

Key Learning Outcomes
  • Develop an understanding of what ‘innovation’ and ‘creativity’ mean, and why they are essential for personal and corporate survival and growth
  • Gain deep insights into the creative and innovation processes and their different elements, including the factors that make individuals more or less creative
  • Develop a thorough understanding of the relationship between individual creativity, entrepreneurship, and innovation, and acquire tools and processes to enable you translate ideas into innovations.
  • Understand and develop the personal and organisational qualities that engender individual, team and organisational creativity and innovativeness
  • Acquire tools for planning, managing and delivering innovations against a context of uncertainty. Apply the principles, processes and issues associated with the development of new offerings and how they are adopted by customers
  • Become appraised about the effective management of creativity and innovation.

Who Should Attend

Engineering professionals and scientists working in R&D, new product development, innovation management, marketing, change management or talent management. Typical sectors include: Pharmaceuticals and other healthcare fields, Automotive, Aerospace, Personal care, Food industry and Biotechnology

Individuals who work in government departments as well as the third sector where innovation is a key component of their mission will also find this course relevant.

Course Leader/Director

Dr Michael Taylor

Mike holds a PhD from the University of Nottingham and is the founder and managing director of Scienopsis. He focuses on assisting organisations develop competencies in strategy and value generation and is active on the international speaking circuit in this field..

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