Amcor’s innovative recyclable blister packaging moves closer to commercialization AmSky blister system aims to eliminate PVC from blister packaging

Enabling pharmaceutical customers to improve packaging recyclability

Amcor, the Zurich-based packaging technology provider, announced on 29th April the start of customer trials of its highly anticipated recyclable polyethylene-based thermoform blister packaging, The new packaging is designed not only to meet the stringent standards of pharmaceutical packaging it also creates a more sustainable alternative for this highly demanded packaging type.

According to the company, AmSky™ achieves up to 70% reduction in carbon footprint, when compared to packaging alternatives on the market today. This is achieved by eliminating polyvinyl chloride and substituting it with a Polyethylene (PE) thermoform blister and lidding film.

The use of polyvinyl chloride makes attempts to recycle packaging more difficult. By removing it – while retaining all the benefits of pre-existing blister packaging – Amcor hopes to avail a more sustainable and environmentally friendly solution.

To speed up up development, Amcor has elected to co-develope and trial AmSky with a number several large pharmaceutical companies. It is expected that AmSky will be available in the second half of 2022.


Peter Konieczny, Amcor’s Chief Commercial Officer, said: “Amcor is deploying our unique innovation capabilities to solve the biggest and most significant issues in packaging today. With AmSky Amcor has signalled our commitment to breakthrough innovation in the healthcare space.”

William Jackson, Amcor’s Chief Technology Officer for Flexibles, commented: “This exciting solution is a result of Amcor’s continued focus on advanced technology and growth, using the entire power of our global R&D network to bring recyclable solutions to our customers.”