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Synonyms: Biological Sample Pads; Soaker Pads;  Laboratory Top Protector; Laboratory Top Surface Roll

CAS Registry Number: N/A


Catalogue Number xx yy zz
Product Family Laboratory Consumables
Product Type Material Handling
Regulatory Compliance GLP
Availability UK, USA & Australia


General Description

Suitable for absorbing liquid escaping the primary receptacle according to P650 packing instructions. Recommended for pathology and biological specimen storage and transport according to UN3373, IATA and biological substances category B guidelines.

Absorbent Sheets

  • Tissue-based material impregnated with super-absorbent polymers
  • Place between primary receptacle and secondary packaging
  • Available in 7.62 x 15.24 cm.

  • Absorbent Wadding
    12 in. perforated
  • Excellent void fill and cushioning material for biological specimen transport
  • Protects fragile shipping containers and specimen tubes
  • Each 12 x 12 in. section is capable of absorbing up to 400 mL of liquid

To comply with IATA Packing Instructions 650and DOT Triple Packaging Requirements, insert sufficient absorbent material between primary receptacle and secondary packaging to contain the total potential volume of the specimen(s) being transported.


IATA Regulations (section


Used to absorb spilt liquids, it is especially suited for biological labs. Also suitable for chemical storerooms and cupboards.

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