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Alcohol Excipient | Uses, Suppliers, and Specifications

Alcohol is (also known as ethyl alcohol or ethanol) is a simple organic compound having the chemical formula C2H6O. It is a primary alcohol. It is obtained through controlled fermentation of starch, sugar or other suitable carbohydrates, followed by fractional distillation to achieve the required concentration. It may also be obtained through synthetic methods. Alcohol is supplied as a clear, colourless and volatile liquid having a characteristic odour and a burning taste.

Pharmacopoeial Compliance: USP-NF; Ph.Eur; B.P; J.P; I.P

Synonyms and Trade Names: Ethanol (96%); Ethanol; Ethanol (96 per cent); Alcohol, Ethyl alcohol; Ethanolum (96 per centum); Ethyl alcohol; Ethyl hydroxide; Grain alcohol; Methyl carbinol

Uses and Applications: Solvent; Antimicrobial Preservative; Antiseptic; Disinfectant; Skin Penetrant


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