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Pharmaceutical and Medical 3D Printing (Formulation & Manufacturing) Masterclass

Pharmaceutical and Medical 3D Printing (Formulation & Manufacturing) Masterclass


4 Weeks (2-4 hours/week)


About this course

3D Printing (additive manufacturing) is a family of technologies that implement layer-by-layer methods to fabricate physical objects, based on a computer aided design (CAD) model. 3D Printing technology, especially fused deposition modelling, offers the ideal manufacturing route to innovatively meet the ever-increasing demands of healthcare.

In pharmaceutical and medical fields, 3D Printing opens up the opportunities for the production of small batches of customisable therapeutic goods, each of which can be tailored by dosage, shape, size and release characteristics. Already, this technology is being studied in R&D, clinical trial manufacturing, orthopaedics and medical devices as well as in front-line medical care.

In this course, we aim to impart to you the understanding and competence to use 3D Printing in pharmaceutical and medical applications. You will be taught by experts who are at the forefront of 3D Printing technology development today.

Key Learning Outcomes

  • Develop an understanding of the theorical and practical principles that underpin the design, operation and fabrication of pharmaceutical dosage forms and medical devices using 3D Printing technologies.
  • Identify the key components (process equipment, software, controls and raw materials) of 3D Printing, and describe how they interlink.
  • Determine, formulate and solve pharmaceutical and medical challenges leveraging 3D Printing technologies.
  • Be in position to commence to design and conduct appropriate 3D Printing experiments, analyse and interpret data, and use professional judgement to draw appropriate conclusions.
  • Recognize and monitor typical quality assurance issues, their impact on product functionality and ways to control them.
  • Become appraised of the current regulatory framework and how it may be applied to pharmaceutical and medical devices sectors
  • Have a well-developed understanding of the limitations of 3D Printing technologies as well the confidence to communicate to colleagues about the full potential of these technologies as far as pharmaceutical and medical applications are concerned

Who Should Attend

The course is designed for individuals from pharmaceutical and medical new product development specialities who are new to 3D Printing technology or those requiring a refresher in the area. It will also benefit quality assurance and process development experts wishing to extend their understanding of the of 3D Printing technologies. Colleagues who work with health authorities and charity sectors, for instance, regulatory inspectors and assessors needing to understand 3D Printing technology, will also find it highly applicable to their work.

Course Leader/Director

Dr. Alhnan Mohamed PhD

Senior Lecturer in Pharmaceutical Medicine, School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Kings College, University of London


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